Decomposition, lichens, fungi, tiny creatures and Dead man’s fingers in Year 2.

Year 2 were visited by Ken from Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park today. He showed them how, over time, the huge cherry tree log that is laying in the KS1 playground will degrade and decompose into soil full of energy and nutrients for future plants to grow in.

The process will take over twenty years with the help of multitudes of insects, slugs, snails and wood eating creatures. The rotting wood will also attract lichens, fungus and moss, each creating a habitat for many species of animals.

Ken visited as part of the Bow Arts Consortium and in conjunction with Katharine, the artist working on the log to make it an interesting sculptural environment for children to reflect upon the habitats around them.  There will be wooden steps and carved seats within a spikey space intended to attract birds and hold children’s hanging work.

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