All places for children from Reception to Year 6 are allocated by Pupil Services at LB Newham.

Please use the following links to find out essential information about arrangements for pupil admissions to schools in Newham:

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Admissions Links

Admission for entry from September 2016 (2016/7 current academic year)

Reception admission for entry from September 2017

Primary to secondary transition for entry September 2017

Useful likes for all schools admissions

If you wish to apply for a nursery place, you should visit the school and register your child on our Nursery waiting list when they are two years old. You will need to complete a registration form and provide proof of your child’s date of birth and your address. Children are usually admitted to Nursery in the September after their third birthday.

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'In Year' School Admissions 2016/17


At Sandringham, we recognise that starting a new school can be a challenging experience for some children and so we have a rigorous admissions process which we have found supports both children and parents. Once Newham Council has allocated your child a school place, the process is as follows:

Sandringham Primary School will invite you for a meeting with a senior member of the teaching staff; this meeting will normally take place on a Monday. During this interview, the school will gather information such as past schooling and medical conditions from the parents and the children. This will also be an opportunity to discuss any concerns or worries and give parents and children the opportunity to see their new classroom and meet their new class teacher. You will also be given a start date which is normally the following Wednesday.

On your first day at Sandringham, one of the learning mentors will meet you at the school office at 8.30 and answer any further questions. They will then take your child to their classroom and ensure that they are settled and happy. The new teacher will have prepared books and a table space for the new children. All children will also be assigned a class buddy, a friendly child in the school who will help new children find their way around school and offer help at lunch time and break times.

Within your first week at school, children will be given a tour so they know their way around.

If a child needs extra support in settling in or learning English, a support programme will quickly begin.

After about 6 weeks at Sandringham, all new parents will be contacted again and a second informal meeting/ conversation will take place. This will give you the opportunity to tell us how your child is settling in at Sandringham and give the school the opportunity to follow up on any questions we may have. We do encourage all parents to speak to their child's class teacher straight away if they have any questions; they will be more than happy to help.

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