Drama is a specialist subject taught across the school from Reception to year 6.  The drama curriculum at Sandringham is designed to enable children to achieve in becoming more articulate, confident and positive about expressing themselves.

Lessons are intended to support classroom topics throughout the year and are designed to deepen understanding of a particular text or topic.

Throughout the year children will work on a variety of specific skills.

Key skills

In Key Stage 1 these include:

  • Being able to explore characters, emotions and situations through stories.
  • Consider how to use their voice effectively.
  • Express ideas through role play.
  • Empathise with characters.

In Lower Key Stage 2 these include:

  • Speak articulately and consider intonation to express dialogue.
  • Use improvisation to express ideas.
  • Explore dilemmas through drama and empathise with other.
  • Reflect on my own and others performance.

In Upper Key Stage 2 these include:

  • Express characters through physical performance and voice.
  • Devise in a group.
  • Reflect on my own and others performance suggesting improvements.
  • Understand a range of drama techniques to use in a variety of performance styles.

Oracy is one of our curriculum drivers.  Spoken language underpins the development of reading and writing, and communicating effectively is a vital life skill.  Through drama, Sandringham children are developing their oracy skills through storytelling, monologue, and discussion with a focus on using correct terms and grammar.

In Years 4 and 5 children have the opportunity to study Shakespeare.  In drama, they explore and unpick Shakespearean language while learning about themes and character relationships.  Drama lessons encourage all children to participate and use their voice to discuss, share and reflect on learning.


End of year performance

Last year, children took part in an after school club to create the imaginary world of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland.  Performers were from Year 5 and 6 and were able to transfer drama skills taught in lessons, to work towards performance outside the classroom.  This culminated in a final performance at Redbridge Town Hall, where children delivered an articulate, exciting and expressive end of year show!

Shakespeare School’s Festival

SSF is a fantastic opportunity for children to get involved with learning about Shakespeare! They are the UK's largest youth drama festival, offering students from all backgrounds the opportunity to perform Shakespeare plays on their local professional stage.

Last year, a number of children in year 5 took part in our first ever festival, performing Romeo and Juliet at the Kenneth More Theatre.

This year, children across years 5 and 6 performed The Tempest.  The children attended an after school club and extra rehearsals to create their own version of the play, learning lines and performing in Shakespearean language.  It is a great achievement to see such young people express Shakespeare so creatively with a real understanding of the story and language.

Arts Award

Children in year 5 and 6 have the opportunity to work towards their Arts Award Discover and Explore certificates.

Discover – Year 5

All children across year 5 discover the arts through a range of drama, art, DT, animation and music lessons.  By the end of year 5 all children have a good understanding of art forms and how to make connections between them.

Explore – Year 6

Children have the opportunity to work towards their Explore certificate in year 6.  This unit is a mixture of taught lessons and children undertaking their own research to enable them to explore artists, organisations and take part in a range of arts activities.  The children work towards a final outcome to gain their certification.

Drama pics

Tempest 4 Tempest 1 Tempest rehearsal 1 Tempest 5   Tempest rehearsal 2 Tempest 3 Tempest 2 Tempest 6

Photos courtesy of Splaatmedia.co.uk  

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