Multimedia (Animation)

MULTIMEDIA – Animation

Multimedia has been part of our curriculum and specialist teaching provision here at Sandringham for almost 4 years now.  Animation is our main focus, but projects can include elements such as music/sound, live video and other digital media.

Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 has the opportunity to take part in at least one a 6 week film-making project during their school year.

Animation is an exciting and popular area of multimedia, and this experience gives our children the chance to combine and develop new and existing skills in technology, creativity, literacy and problem solving.

From the beginning children enjoy an introduction to the history and principles of simple animation, before learning how to create short animated sequences or a film for themselves. They learn how to use animation software and audio-visual equipment and experiment with basic and more advanced techniques of animated film making.

Children now have access to a dedicated animation studio where they can work in smaller groups to develop their skills and experience. So far children have collaborated on class projects as varied as making an advert for a chocolate bar, retelling Ancient Greek myths, making information films about fossil formation, our emergency services and London transport, choreographing 'trash' to music, creating an Autumn firework display with leaves and berries and providing an impressive school-wide resource for teaching about Growth Mindset.

Animation isn't just a fun way to develop new and existing skills, it nurtures and encourages a new and inclusive language for creative expression. It provides a genuine chance for collaboration, the use of technology and real enrichment opportunities for children's wider topic work.

Our work in animation also promotes many of our School Attributes:

Co-operative - Children develop their abilities to co-operate when working in small groups.

Ambitious - Children are encouraged to be ambitious when they engage in this new activity for the first time.

Resilient - Children learn to be resilient during the often problematic and time-consuming process of animation.

Positive - Children are very motivated by the opportunity to explore and discover new ways to be creative in their learning.

Animation pics




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Here are a selection of the animated films made by the children of Sandringham Primary so far this year. We are very proud of their achievements so far, and excited about the possibilities to come. We hope that you enjoy them too!

Please visit our Archive Page to watch all the animated films made by Sandringham children in 2014-15.

Also keep checking the school blog to follow the progress and process of our film making.

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‘When We Come To School’ by RD

‘Transport In London’ by RA

Transport In London

‘Festivals Of Light’ by RC

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‘How A Fossil Is Made’ by 3C


‘The Secret Life Of Suitcases’ by 4C

‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’ by 4D

‘Pandora’s Box’ by 5D

‘Theseus & The Minotaur’ by 5C

’10 Space Facts’

‘Beowulf The Brave’ by 6A

‘Trash’ by 6C

‘Trash’ by 6D

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