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Year five children have been learning how to write and speak about their daily routines. They have written and told a partner about what they do “por la mañana”, “por la trade” and “por la noche” ( in the morning, afternoon and at night). They have produced booklets that have been sent to our partner […]

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Sandringham has got a new partner school in north east Spain. It is called Doña Mencia de Velasco and it is located in a very historical town called Briviesca in the province of Burgos. Year five children have sent Doña Mencia’s pupils Christmas cards written in Spanish and The Briviesca children have sent us cards […]

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Bienvenidos New Spanish Monitors!

A group of year 5 children have. Been chosen to be the Spanish Monitors this academic year. They will support miss Maria and their peers with anything to do with Spanish. For example, they are leading games and activities in the Spanish Area for younger peers and will be involved in local and international modern […]

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