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Romeo and Juliet

What an amazing performance at the Kenneth More Theatre. Well done to everyone. The children were very impressive. Learning all those lines and delivering them so clearly and articulately on stage is some achievement. The dancing at the ball was spectacular and the audience were completely transfixed by how the tragic ending unfolded.Thank you to Ms Saddington and Ms […]

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Year 2 Tudor house

Year 2 designed a Tudor house in the style of Paul Klee as part of their Fire of London topic. Firstly, they measured and cut the black supporting beams. They then positioned them to their own design and painted a range of colours in the style of the Swiss artist Paul Klee.

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Tints of dinosaurs

Year 3 have been adding tints and shades to their artwork and have created abstract paintings of dinosaurs which is the topic they are covering this term. By adding white to the base colour, paler tints have been created. By adding black to the base colour, shades are created. The children learnt that only a […]

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