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Year 2’s owl workshop

Year 2 had an owl workshop today! We learnt about owls as part of our topic called “Into the woods”.  Owls live in forest! We learnt about their appearance, what they eat, how they hunt and also about different types of owls. Each of us had the opportunity to take a photo with an owl […]

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Year 3 Dinosaurs!

3C have been creating their own dinosaur fossils. Using information about well known dinosaurs, the children have been able to invent unusual new dinosaurs and explore these as palaeontologists. Watch out for reports on their discoveries coming soon! Can you think of some unusual names for our dinosaurs?

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Year 2 Olympic Village Trip

As part of the topic “Into the woods” Year 2 visited the Olympic Village. We looked at ponds, flower beds, trees, grasslands, bridges, canals, different plants and also animals living in the local environment. We had lunch outside the café and also had fun playing at the play area. It was a long walk to […]

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