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Spanish is the Modern Foreign Language that has been taught at Sandringham from academic year 2014-2015. Even though the legal requirement is that a Modern Foreign language is taught to KS 2 only (years 3-6), at Sandringham, we strongly believe in the importance of being able to communicate in other languages and how that skill will facilitate our pupils’ access to a boarder range of academic and employment opportunities. That is why Spanish is taught from Reception to year 6 and there is also a Spanish after school club which is attended by 25 year 4 pupils.

The Spanish syllabus includes a range of every day topics like greetings, the weather, numbers, colours, days, months and seasons, the house, the city, clothes, animals, ordering food in a restaurant (to mention a few) and these topics link with the topic being taught in each year group every term as much as possible.

Lessons include speaking and listening, reading and writing, and children are encouraged to self-assess and assess their peers at the end of every topic/theme. Children are knowledgeable of the contents of their learning through the year from September, and they gain a sense of achievement and progression every time they evaluate their learning and get their teacher’s assessment comments.

Children also learn about the culture and traditions of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries and have the fantastic opportunity to exchange work and learning with our partner school in the north of Spain. There are several Spanish displays in the school that reflect the range of themes covered and also show the work of our Spanish learning partners.

Oracy is embedded in the lessons and pupils are taught and encouraged to include the different elements of “good oracy” in their Spanish speech. Constructive critique follows children’s interventions regularly in order to promote peer support and feeding back skills. Spanish lessons also promote, encourage and celebrate the School Attributes and children focus on one or two attributes (for a period of time) that will help them achieve to their full potential in this subject.

There is a Spanish area in the middle floor that is used by the Spanish teacher, TAs and MFL monitors to promote role play and games in Spanish. There is also a growing Spanish library in this area in which children can read dual language and Spanish books.

Sandringham achieved the status of International School in academic year 2016-2017. This is a very important recognition from the British Council that shows our commitment to international links, spreading our excellent practice to the community and abroad and also being receptive to external input to further improve our teaching and learning.

These websites have been used in the different year groups to support Spanish learning. Please, visit them at home as your children will be familiar with them and will be able to practice what they have learnt with their family members. They are suitable for all ages unless specified for KS2

Some of the skills covered during the Spanish lessons are:

  • Speaking and listening (paired and group conversations).
  • Reading.
  • Writing (from year 3 onwards and occasionally in year 2)
  • Grammar, always linking and comparing with English grammar;
  • Turn taking, co-operation and peer support.

WEB LINKS TO SUPPORT FAMILIES AND CHILDREN WITH SPANISH  - Modern foreign languages/ Spanish  - Different topics  - Body parts  - The senses  - Numbers to 10 song  - Numbers to 30 rap  - Andy and Rosie. "What is 

your name?" – Song  - Finger  family  - Tener rap -KS2  - Princesa de SER- KS2 - SER rap - Song about the family - The colours - Barney the lorry and the colours  - "I have two hands" – Song -The months song

Other videos and songs in Spanish can be found @ BITESIZE. Also, you can Google any children’s stories or songs  and add ” IN SPANISH”


Spanish class pics

Spanish 1 Spanish 3 Spanish 4


Spanish Vision PDF screenshot

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