Erasmus +day two

Sorry about posting this a few days late!

We had our Erasmus + Spanish visitors in our school last Thursday. We started the day with a joint assembly attended by all year six and five children. The Erasmus children shared the work that they have done from September and explained their learning.

All participants enjoyed a pottery making session with Mr Pearmain and produced beautiful tiles that we will be bringing to Spain on Sunday.

We then had an international lunch provided by some of our parents, the school and PTA. It was fantastic and the Spanish children loved all the Asian food.

In the afternoon, all the children in year. 6 had sports and games in the playground followed by drinks and ice- cream.

Our visitors were amazed by our school facilities, resources and curriculum and also by the good oracy and behaviour of our children.

I would like to thank all the participant children for their commitment and hard work and also all the adults that have made this exchange possible, and I am not mentioning anyone because I am sure that I will miss someone!

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