Instrumental Tuition

The school owns a stock of 30 wind (flute, clarinet, saxophone) and brass (trumpet, trombone) instruments which children have the opportunity to play for free. They are taught by the music specialist and visiting specialists from the Newham Academy.

High Flyers!

Before the summer, some of our musicians were entered for their Associated Board music exams. These are internationally recognised music qualifications which are looked very favourably upon by educational establishments and institutions. The pupils had to prepare 3 pieces of music from the given repertoire, learn some scales and arpeggios by memory and do an exercise in sight-reading and some aural tests – all individually and in front of an examiner from the Royal Schools of Music. All their hard work and practice paid off as the results came in a few weeks later in the form of some very posh, shiny certificates to certify that all the children passed on their respective instruments – some with flying colours!

Music Tution

Sergiu Brataon – Grade 2 Clarinet – DISTINCTION!
Sanna Qazi – Grade 1 Clarinet – MERIT!
Sohan Shrestha - Grade 1 Violin – MERIT!
Umor Alam – Grade 1 Clarinet
Nadia Mothin – Grade 1 Clarinet
Surraya Choudhury – Grade 1 Clarinet
Nuha Ahmed – Grade 1 Clarinet
Nayeem Ahmed – Grade 1 Violin
Zeeshan Zaman - Grade 1 Violin
Saphia Arshad - Grade 1 Violin
Leroy Ekofo - Grade 1 Violin
Nicole Cupidon Stewart - Grade 1 Violin
Ida Krubally - Grade 1 Violin
Wendy Faibil - Grade 1 Violin
Kingsley Ayisi-Addow - Grade 1 Piano
Justin Faibil – Grade 1 Piano

Music Tuition

Congratulations are in order for all of these positive and ambitious pupils. I hope to be seeing some of these names again in the near future celebrating them achieving the next grade up. Hopefully we’ll also see some new entrants achieving success on their instruments too. Come on trumpets and trombones, flutes and saxophones; show us what you’re made of!!!
Miss Edwards


Music Tution 3


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