Learning Attributes

At Sandringham,we have thought carefully about how we can help children to succeed in life and be great learners. We think that it is important to teach
the skills and personal attributes that children need to be successful.
We have identified 8 attributes which we want to encourage the children to

We want children to be…

  • Ambitious – Have dreams, hopes and ambitions. Set yourself challenging goals and strive to achieve the best for yourself.
  • Articulate – Be an excellent communicator. Share your ideas confidently and clearly.
  • Resilient – Be determined, don’t give up easily. See mistakes and challenges as an opportunity for learning.
  • Positive – Be enthusiastic and show a positive, happy attitude. Be motivated.
  • Independent – Think for yourself. Try doing something without help. Take responsibility for your own learning.
  • Curious – Ask questions and seek answers. Show and interest in the wider world. Experiment and try things out.
  • Co-operative – Listen to others and show empathy, treat others kindly. Work well in a team.
  • Reflective – Think about what you have learned and how you learn.

Click here for the Parents leaflet explaining in more detail.

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