Music is a specialist subject taught by a full-time music specialist in a fully equipped music room. Starting right down at the bottom of the school with nursery, music lessons are taught on a fortnightly basis to every child up to Year 6. Key stage 2 lessons are an hour long, while Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 get half hour lessons.

Music lessons cover a broad range of skills – most of which are transferable:

  • Voice projection, articulation, solo singing
  • Listening and appraising
  • Developing memory and “thinking” voice
  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Composing and improvising
  • Reading and writing music
  • Group ensemble work
  • Performing in front of class/school/parents

Year 6 Spanish Project

A group of year 6 children have chosen Spanish as the specialist subject to work on this Summer term. They are researching about Spanish festivals and traditions like La Feria de Abril (April Fair), La Semana Santa (Easter), Las Fallas De Valencia and Los San Fermines in Pamplona. Like all other year 6 specialist subject groups, they are preparing a presentation in which they will share their work with other year 6 and 5 children towards the end of the term. They are also going to learn how to dance "Sevillanas" in the purest Andalusian style!

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