Music is a specialist subject taught by a full-time music specialist in a fully equipped music room. Starting right down at the bottom of the school with nursery, music lessons are taught on a fortnightly basis to every child up to Year 6. Key stage 2 lessons are an hour long, while Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 get half hour lessons.

Music lessons cover a broad range of skills – most of which are transferable:

  • Voice projection, articulation, solo singing
  • Listening and appraising
  • Developing memory and “thinking” voice
  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Composing and improvising
  • Reading and writing music
  • Group ensemble work
  • Performing in front of class/school/parents

Year 6 Drama

Year 6 have been reading the book Trash by Andy Mulligan. They've been using dramatic techniques such as Freeze Framing and Conscience Alley to enhance the reading.Y6 Drama 1 IMG_20141114_101022 Drama 3 Drama 2

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