Music is a specialist subject taught by a full-time music specialist in a fully equipped music room. Starting right down at the bottom of the school with nursery, music lessons are taught on a fortnightly basis to every child up to Year 6. Key stage 2 lessons are an hour long, while Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 get half hour lessons.

Music lessons cover a broad range of skills – most of which are transferable:

  • Voice projection, articulation, solo singing
  • Listening and appraising
  • Developing memory and “thinking” voice
  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Composing and improvising
  • Reading and writing music
  • Group ensemble work
  • Performing in front of class/school/parents

4D Viking animations

4D have been learning to animate their very own Viking movie! In the images you can see us using stop motion software on cameras and laptops to animate our own walking characters. We are also working as a group to create an animation about the Viking Gods. To do this we have been using an overhead projector, a screen and our own drawings transferred  onto transparencies. We have also been recording songs to go alongside our animated movie.   !IMG_20141007_093825 IMG_20141007_093832 IMG_20141007_093848 IMG_20141007_093925 IMG_20141007_094006 IMG_20141007_094030  

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Today we tried out a new group activity with some of our children with special needs. We call this session Rock 'n' Roll and it is based around movement and quality interaction. IMG_20141013_133523 IMG_20141013_140911

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