Our Curriculum

At Sandringham, we teach using a skills-based, cross curricular approach. Cross curricular means we make links between different subject areas e.g. History, Art, Geography and English by teaching them together under a theme such as ‘Explorers’ or 'Africa'. Each term or half term, sees a new topic introduced within each year group. Our topics are designed to reflect the needs and interests of our pupils, and the community in which we live. Topics are developed alongside the children who play an active role in deciding what they would like to learn. Our pupil’s opinions matter to us. Each term, the pupils are interviewed about their curriculum and their comments and ideas are used to inform future planning.



Throughout these topics, we focus on the skills and strategies children will need for the future whilst also equipping them with impressive knowledge on a wide range of exciting areas and meeting all of the requirements of the National Curriculum.

We strive to ensure our topics are vibrant, engaging and relevant. Each topic ends with an event or project which gives a real life context to the children’s learning. This event or project is an opportunity for the children to use and apply the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout the topic. Sometimes this real-life context is a performance, assembly or exhibition organised for parents, alternatively it may be a community/charity project or collaborative creation e.g. a film, website or work of art – the sky is the limit!

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