Teaching and Learning

At Sandringham Primary School, we are committed to achieving the highest possible standards of teaching and learning. Our dedicated staff share a clear vision and ethos for learning which put skills, mindset and attributes at the core.

We believe in a whole education and developing children’s skills and attributes in addition to their knowledge. We dedicate time to helping the children explore how to learn effectively and be successful in life, through developing our 8 school attributes.

Learning at Sandringham is exciting, vibrant and challenging. We encourage children to have a growth mindset believing that everyone has the capacity to become smarter through hard work. We encourage children to challenge themselves, take risks and persevere in the face of difficulties. By developing these characteristics children achieve high academic standards whilst also becoming well rounded and successful individuals who are equipped for the future.

We believe that school should be a place of fun, discovery, curiosity and imagination. Our teaching invites children to ask questions, experiment and explore. We encourage children to be independent learners, thinkers and innovators.

Children at Sandringham are continually reflecting on their own learning to help them adapt and improve, we know that this is far more powerful than teachers telling them what to do and how to do it. At Sandringham, children even participate in writing their own reports and marking their own work, although Teachers also provide feedback and guidance of course!

The school is committed to the continuous development of staff to ensure that we learn, grow and improve alongside the children. As a result, we are always exploring the latest research and developments in education to inform our professional practice.

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