At Sandringham we use Read Write Inc to teach our children phonics (sounds).
This involves teaching them Speed Sounds 1 (single sounds), Speed Sounds 2 (2 letters that make 1 sound-digraphs), and Speed Sounds 3 (digraphs and 3 letters that make 1 sound- trigraphs).
The children in Reception and Year 1 are taught in ability groups to maximise learning.
We also start to teach RWI Speed Sounds 1 to children in Nursery in their final term.
Children practise and reinforce these sounds by reading the RWI books.
For some of our children RWI may not meet all of their needs, so a variety of methods and approaches may be used in order to meet their needs, and ensure maximum learning.
Here at Sandringham we embrace the principles of RWI which ensure all phonics lessons are pacey, fun and all children participate!
For more information about Phonics please look at the RMI website-


Read Write Inc


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