Teaching Mathematics


At Sandringham, our teaching of mathematics is based on a mastery approach in the belief that every child is capable of success. This is reflected in our vision statement:

At Sandringham Primary School, every child can achieve in maths and it is our responsibility as teachers to provide the environment and experiences to make this possible. As teachers, we believe that every child is a capable mathematician with the ability to reason and problem solve. Exploration and discovery are at the heart of our curriculum. Children will link old and new learning experiences together in order to develop fluency and build a deeper understanding of their maths. Opportunities for reasoning, explanation and clarification are provided through talk. High quality dialogue within the classroom will make sure our children are challenging their own thoughts with those around them whilst broadening their knowledge and understanding. At Sandringham Primary School, every child in every classroom has a “I can solve anything” attitude.

Useful Links:

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Support for Parents - Helpful videos which demonstrate the teaching methods we use in mathematics at Sandringham Primary School.

If you would like any further information regarding the teaching of mathematics at Sandringham, please contact Katie Blaydes (Assistant Head Teacher - Mathematics)

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