At Sandringham Primary School, we believe that art should be central to a well-rounded education. We provide a range of integrated experiences, carefully planned to fit in with units of learning, which give a dynamic focus for the pupils’ learning. All children participate in art lessons at Sandringham, whether it is in their classroom with their class teacher, or in the purpose-built art room with a specialist teacher. The children use sketchbooks to record their experiences and inspirations, in order to develop ideas and to show progression in their artistic ability. We encourage children to learn both in small groups and individually to produce work in two and three dimensions.

A wide range of artists are studied through our core art offer. The artists we focus on have been carefully selected dependent on the unit or learning being studied within the classroom. Cultural diversity is celebrated through our art and artists and children are encouraged to share their own artistic preferences.

Artists studied include:

  • Chris Ofilli
  • Frank Bowling
  • Lubaina Himid
  • Claude Monet
  • Van Gogh
  • Paul Klee

Children are given opportunities to experiment and discover different materials, methods and skills within the classroom. Groups also take part in educational visits to galleries and exhibitions such as the Tate Modern, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Henry Moore Foundation where workshops are often part of the experience. The school also belongs to the Bow Arts Consortium which shares ideas and workshops between Newham schools and supports professional artists work with children on a range of major projects. These have included willow weaving, textiles and metalwork projects that are permanently exhibited around the school.  Many children have also taken part in Arts Award Projects using a range of materials and skills such as ceramics, mould making and sculpture.  

From an early age, children are encouraged to ‘get their hands dirty’ through play, paint and experimenting. Art skills such as shading, cutting, and sculpting are increased as children progress through the school, always creatively analysing and trying out new ideas.  Mistakes are seen as stepping stones to improvements in work and not as a setback.

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