Blended Learning

Sandringham Primary School used a range of strategies to keep in touch with families during the lockdown 1.0 so that authentic learning opportunities could continue for all year groups. Learning at home will never replace school - based learning but it might be necessary for families to access learning from home in the coming months.

The school learnt some valuable lessons about home learning during the Spring/Summer lockdown and research from the Education Endowment Fund is being used to develop our blended learning approach further. A mixture of online learning, Zoom lessons and personal contact support the children and their parents when they are at home. 

To support the parents, the school has created three levels of engagement: 

  • Must - All children must complete this learning if isolating
  • Should - All children are strongly encouraged to complete this learning if isolating
  • Could - These are resources that supplement the must and should resources 

The document below Blended Learning, has been set out to assist with the blended learning. Each link within the document will take you to the the websites relevent to each year groups. 

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