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Sandringham Primary School used a range of strategies to keep in touch with families during the lockdown and continue to provide authentic learning for all year groups. Learning at home will never replace school-based learning but it might be necessary for families to access learning from home in the coming months.

The school learnt some valuable lessons about home learning during the Spring/Summer lockdown and is also using the research from the Education Endowment Fund. A mixture of online learning, Zoom lessons and personal contact support the children and their parents. The school has written a Blended Learning Policy (Home Learning). The policy sets out the rationale and strategies the school will use to make sure learning continues for children who have to stay away from school.


The different scenarios are likely to be:


Possible home learning scenarios

Likely duration

A child is at home recovering from an operation at home or having to self-isolate prior to an operation.

A short amount of time determined by a health professional.

A child has/ is showing Covid-19 symptoms and as a result is at home waiting for a test.

At least 10-14 days (or less if they receive a negative test result)

A household member has symptoms or has a positive Covid-19 result.

At least 10-14 days (or less if the household member receives a negative test result)

A school bubble is closed as directed by the DfE/ public health.

14 days (or more if a child then displays symptoms)


Further information is available by clicking on the policy below. This policy outlines the offer for children in early years, children with EHCPs and children in Year 1 to Year 6.


Blended Learning Policy




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