Learning Power Approach

The Learning Power Approach (LPA) is an emerging school of thought about the kind of teaching that prepares young people for life in the mid to late 21st century. The premise of The Learning Power Approach is based on giving pupils and young people the opportunity to take responsibility and ownership of their own learning and become capable and confident in their ability to learn. LPA is not a stand-alone subject to be “taught” discretely within our curriculum, rather it is a mindset which needs embedding within an already existing curriculum. 

At Sandringham, we aim to develop a LPA ethos in our children and teachers enabling children to develop in confidence, to trust their own judgements, to make informed decisions based on research, to troubleshoot and to assess and evaluate their own learning. 

At Sandringham, we have been developing the LPA mindset in our children and teachers alike for several years in order to create a rich learning culture for our school community. Introducing this way of thinking to all stakeholders, embedding it within our curriculum and seeing the impact it can have, has taken time. The approach has, over time, given our children the understanding and confidence to develop and improve their own learning. The children at Sandringham understand that they are responsible for their learning and achievements. Our children are independent learners.

Our pupils:

  • Think about their learning and next steps
  • Articulate and explain their learning process
  • Are resourceful
  • Are decision makers
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Question themselves and each other
  • Are curious
  • Take risks
  • Want to get better

Embedding an LPA culture within our school impacts the whole school community.  Our children are motivated and determined learners. They seek ways to improve their understanding and challenge themselves.

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