Autumn Term - Wonderful words and let's celebrate

Wonderful words

In this unit of learning, children will have the opportunity to listen and talk about stories. They will retell familiar stories and listen carefully to rhymes and songs, paying attention to how they sound. Children will also learn poems and songs.

Let’s Celebrate

In this unit, children will explore different kinds of celebrations e.g. weddings, birthdays, funerals etc. and to know how and why we celebrate and how and why others do. They will have the experience of organising a birthday party for Maisy Mouse.

Spring term - Time to shine and on the move

Time to shine

In this unit of learning, children will learn a range of songs. They will have the opportunity to develop performance skills and to experience a range of instruments and types of music. They will explore their appreciation for performance work cooperatively to put on a show.

On the move

Children will name a variety of different vehicles and will be able to talk about how they have changed over time, starting with vehicles they are familiar with. Children will compare similarities and differences and to start to organise them chronologically.

Summer term - Once upon a time and mad about minibeasts

Once upon a time

Children will begin to widen their range of vocabulary that is not in everyday use. They will begin to understand story structure. e.g. talk about plot, main problem, main characters etc and they will begin to develop their own narratives.

Mad about minibeasts

In this unit of learning children will name and describe a variety of minibeasts and learn about the life cycle of a minibeast. They will be exploring their llocal environment and begin writing sentences about their learning.

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