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We are very proud of our science mascot, which was created by Muhammad Ahmed Durrani in 6A and then digitally designed by a graphic designer. It represents science at Sandringham and our science principles.


All children at Sandringham learn the key knowledge and skills in the scientific disciplines to develop understanding of the world around them, in line with Development Matters and the National Curriculum. We harness children’s natural excitement and curiosity and inspire them to pursue scientific exploration and enquiry to support their understanding of the world. 
Children develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena. They understand how their scientific knowledge and skills are relevant and applicable to their own lives and the wider world, and are aware of the wide-ranging uses and implications of science, today and for the future.
Children are supported to develop positive attitudes towards science, to see themselves as scientists and to understand that anyone can pursue a career in science or STEM. They are exposed to a variety of opportunities to enhance their science capital, including outdoor learning, trips, visitors, and consumption of scientific media.


In Early Years, we learn through play and encourage children to develop their natural curiosity to explore everyday items and the natural world around them. Children are given opportunities to show care and respect for their environment and living things, including by planting seeds and caring for growing plants. They engage in exploration of how things work, materials and forces. Adults encourage children to articulate what they have observed, including through describing senses, changes, similarities and differences, and why some things happen. 

Key Stage 1 and 2       

Substantive knowledge 

Children develop a secure knowledge of the topics studied, based on clear progression through the key stages. They learn appropriate subject-specific vocabulary and are supported to use this accurately and precisely. 

Disciplinary knowledge

Children learn about the nature, processes and methods of science through the study of biology, chemistry and physics. They develop their scientific skills with clear progression through the key stages, developing independence as they move up through the school. They ask relevant questions and answer these through the full range of scientific enquiry types. They collect, analyse and present their data in a variety of ways. They draw conclusions based on scientific evidence, evaluate their learning and consider further questions that can be raised. 


Discussion is central to the science curriculum. Children are supported to develop their cognitive, linguistic, physical, and social and emotional oracy skills through frequent and sustained opportunities for talk in science. This includes whole class discussion, partner and group work, and presentation of findings. 


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