Staff Declarations

"I first began working at Sandringham Primary School as a teaching assistant and was extremely fortunate to be offered the opportunity to train here as a class teacher.

During my teacher training year, Sandringham Primary School offered a supportive and nurturing environment and it was thanks to the continued guidance of my training mentor that I have been able to grow confidently into the role of class teacher.

It has been a pleasure to be part of at a school where the staff work so hard to ensure that the pupils’ learning is put first. As well as supporting the pupils at Sandringham, there is also a strong focus on the teachers and support staffs’ continued professional development and a genuine concern for staff well-being."

Nicky Bishop - class teacher 

“I joined Sandringham Primary School in September 2014.  The previous July, I came to teach Spanish to a year 3 class and was observed by a few senior managers. Then, I had an interview with the Senior Management Team and went home hoping to get good news. When Mr Cleary called me to inform me that I had got the job of MFL Specialist, I could not even speak…I was so happy and grateful!! 

2019-2010 is my sixth academic year at this school and I like my job, the school, the children and the community as a whole more and more every day. I think that this school is so brilliant, that I even brought my youngest son to learn here in the middle of his year 5, so he completed his primary education at Sandringham…I am glad I made that decision.

I believe that working for such a diverse community in an inner London area such as Newham, is a privilege that has helped me to become a more open minded, understanding and kind person. For that reason,  working hard for these children and their families is simply my duty and my way to show my appreciation.”

  Ms Maria - Modern Foreign Language Specialist

 “My journey at Sandringham began when the leadership team there recognised my potential and employed me as classroom TA. From there my road to leadership within the school over the course of the last 7 years has been vibrant and exciting and I am proud to work at the heart of a school whose purpose it is to inspire and empower the next generation, as Phonics Lead.

Feeling thoroughly empowered myself, I have been encouraged to develop at a fast pace and have been trusted with an increasing set of responsibilities for guiding our young inquiring minds in their own journeys to become literate. I am extremely proud that Sandringham pupils enjoy their literacy and that they will experience the benefits that the freedom of being literate will unlock for them in their futures. Alongside winning the Ruth Miskin Accreditation Badge for providing outstanding Phonics provision daily for our young people, the real highlight is working with the children and their parents closely to achieve outstanding outcomes, create fluid and passionate readers and supporting every individual, regardless of their starting points to fulfil their full potential.

I am thrilled to come to work every day in a place where succeeding together is not just a mission statement. Rather it is a way of life, the values of which are brought to life passionately and with meticulous care at every level of the school structure, with children and their educational needs at the heart of that mission.”

 Kerry Solomou - Phonics Lead

“I began my Sandringham journey in 1997 as a midday supervisor, which gave me the opportunity to develop my skills enough to become a Teaching Assistant in 2000. I was one of the first to be offered this new position which had recently been introduced by the government. My role in class was supporting the children in their learning but also working alongside the class teacher doing everyday tasks that improved the environment.

As this was a new position for the school, I feel lucky that I had the chance to grow along with this change. Since being at Sandringham, I have seen many advancements through the years and I believe that children nowadays have access to better learning opportunities than ever. After 22 years of working at this school, I hope that I have contributed towards the children's education as much as the school has contributed to my own experiences and knowledge, and even now, I am still learning something new each day.”

Caroline Benmbarak  - Teaching Assistant

“My starting point at Sandringham Primary School was as a Mid-day supervisor leading on to a 1-1 SEND TA and today I am proud to say I co-ordinate, manage and lead on Speech & Language within the school whilst also cover-teaching. In addition to this I have progressed to becoming an LPA SEND Champion for the school, having an opportunity to present at a spotlight session at the NNLP LPA Conference hosted by Guy Claxton with fellow colleagues. This has been one of my highlights of working here. I am grateful to be working with such a supportive leadership team, who have been invaluable in enabling me to take on challenges that I otherwise may not have considered, always willing to help and promote CPD within members of staff allowing us to progress. I am proud to be part of a school that is committed to putting children first, that has a vibrant and exciting curriculum alongside dedicated members of staff.

Working here is a pleasure. There is a real sense of teamwork with everyone encompassing the same vision. It is a satisfaction to see the children flourish within their learning and to know that I have contributed towards this process. I am proud to be a part of this journey and have enjoyed it for the past 15 years.”

 Frazana Shahid - SEND Teaching Assistant / Speech and Language

“Having been a pupil of Sandringham Primary School, I have seen many changes throughout my time as a student and also, as a member of staff. 

I was given an opportunity to work as a Maths teaching assistant in 2013. This enabled me to observe different teachers, bringing me to the conclusion that although this is indeed a demanding profession, it gives great satisfaction seeing the children progress in all aspects of their learning and how they develop as a learner.

After completing my teacher training programme (LETTA) in 2015, I have since evolved as a teacher, taking on new responsibilities as a Learning Power Approach Champion. Furthermore, I have also been challenging myself by taking on a new role as Year Group Leader of Year 5. 

Over the years that I have taught here, there has always been one thing that I have consistently maintained and strived for - the pupils. I whole-heartedly believe and expect the best in every pupil that I have taught and will do everything that I can to ensure that they are ready for secondary and beyond. I know this has been very important in the ethos of Sandringham Primary School.

Throughout my time at Sandringham, I have developed and grown as a learner and as a teacher and the opportunities that I have been provided with have enriched my experience of being a reflective practitioner. Needless to say, I am proud of the accomplishments of our school and feel proud of the teacher I have become during my time here.”

Mariyam Seedat Year Group Leader and Learning Power Champion 

“My journey began here at Sandringham as a parent. I first came to work here when my youngest went into full time education.

I joined this school as a Teaching Assistant in 2000 and here I am 19 years later - a confident, resilient and ambitious woman. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher from a young age and sometimes I look back and cannot believe what I have achieved. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some outstanding teachers, who have helped me become the teacher I am today.

I joined the Graduate Teaching Programme which enabled me to become a fully qualified teacher, as there were many moments where I felt I wasn’t going to make it. Having three young children, and to be studying was very difficult at times, yet I preserved.

I have now been teaching at Sandringham for over 15 years. I am proud to say I have taught every year group from reception up to Year 6. Every day, I continue to learn and develop. Overall it has been a journey full of opportunities, respect, determination and trust. Principles we ingrain into every child at Sandringham, from beginning to end.”

 Bimla Singh - Teacher and Learning Power Champion 

“When I first walked through the doors of Sandringham Primary school on a cold November morning, I had been contacted by an agency to apply for what was described as a ‘unique’ role as a Library TA, to get some teaching experience before contemplating applying for a PGCE. I had just graduated from university a year earlier and had left a role working in a burgeoning music college. I was considering teaching, but thought secondary school would be a better fit, however my curiosity was peaked. When I arrived at Sandringham, I was impressed. Just a stone’s throw from my own secondary school, this school seemed different; specialist teachers, evidence based teaching and a vibrant teaching staff. I was enamoured with how confident and articulate the pupils were, I was even interviewed by year 6 children as part of the process!

My affections for the school deepened as I began to work across the school with children and staff alike, leading a range of clubs, such as the attributes club and my personal favourite ‘catch up café’ where year 6 pupils could receive homework support with a frothy hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. I had decided by this point that this primary school was far more appealing than any secondary school could ever be and applied for the London East Teacher Training Alliance. During my application process, I received an overwhelming amount of support from Mr.Cleary, Mrs Bridgeman and a range of teaching staff, further cementing the feeling that this school was community driven, nurturing the dreams of staff as well as pupils.

Almost four years and exactly four classes later, I have had opportunities beyond anything I could have imagined when I first walked through those doors on that dreary November morning. An experience I will always cherish the opportunity to spend 11 days in Tokyo and Yamanashi, Japan on behalf of Sandringham Primary school last academic year to investigate lesson study. It was a truly life changing experience that very few teachers can say they have had the pleasure to travel internationally and learn amongst like-minded professionals from across the globe. Teaching does not come without its daily challenges, however teaching within an evidence based school, which continuously puts the needs of its children first and considers staff well-being and development crucial has been nothing short of a blessing.

Anthea Kwarteng - Lesson Study Champion 

“I joined Sandringham in June 1996 as a Welfare Assistant. The school looked very different then and I had an office in what is now the entrance foyer. Many years have passed and the school has changed and so has my role within the school. The one thing that remains the same is the sense of community within Sandringham and the team that I work with. The staff and pupils are the reason I continue to work at Sandringham even though I no longer live in Newham.  

I have been a member of the Governing Body for almost as long as I have worked here and seen the school improve through 5 Ofsted inspections.

I have also taken part in many educational visits. I have sung as part of the choir at Wembley and the O2 and even performed outside the D-Day Museum in Arromanches, France. Last year I was fortunate to be part of the exchange group that visited Northern Spain.

I look forward to new challenges and experiences in my future career at Sandringham.”

 Julie Boardman - Office Manager

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