Staff Well-Being

The staff team at Sandringham Primary School is a large diverse group of skilled professionals who really care about the job that they do. Our staff work really hard for our children and community. As a school, we understand that for our staff to be the best possible at their jobs, they need to have great wellbeing themselves.

All the staff at Sandringham have access to supervision, counselling along with other wellbeing services provided by the School Advisory Service. We also run a coaching programme for school leaders and uprising leaders.

The school has a Wellbeing and Mental Health Policy which outlines the support staff receive as well as a Wellbeing Tool kit. We have a weekly wellbeing message and also run annual staff wellbeing surveys. We have signed up to the DfE Wellbeing Charter May 2021

The Education Staff Wellbeing Charter - November 2021

We are very proud of our staff retention and many of our team take advance of the Continued Professional Learning (CPL) opportunities to help them develop their own careers. As a team we are diverse and have a clear equalities policy and objectives.

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