Year 4

Year 4 Summer Term - A Walk in London

A Walk in London

The topic lends itself to a local history study. Pupils will also further their geographical knowledge by learning about different physical features eg. the Thames river. Pupils will also use fieldwork to learn about other physical features within their local area.

Year 4 Autumn Term - Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Pupils will have an overview of where and when the first civilisations appeared. The Main purpose is to provide pupils with a chronological awareness into origins of first civilisations, using primary/secondary sources to find out about the past. Pupils will also be able to compare life in different time periods.

Year 4 Spring Term - Getting to know the UK

Getting to know the UK

This is a Geography focused topic- pupils will name and locate counties. They will also identify key topographical features of different counties and look into different land uses within the UK.

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